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vintagerosecollection.blogspot.com – Vintage Rose Collection

vintagerosecollection.blogspot.com – Vintage Rose Collection
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Title:Vintage Rose Collection
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Текст из страницы:HOME INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK SHOP CONTACT. Sunday, November 12, 2017. Beauty is a reflection from within, would you agree? It’s a subconscious thing, we just know this to be true. Our mother’s taught us this, and their mother’s and so on. I have talked to my boys about this too-“Now, you know honey, she may have a pretty face but it’s the inside that counts.” “Ya, Ya, I know mom, you’ve only told me a thousand times.” And the beat goes on… Beauty to me has nothing to do with you as a HUMAN, your outer shell. It is your BEING, your inner-self (your soul) that speaks volumes. You can tell when beauty enters a room. It’s a smile, a pretense, an aura that makes you feel invited and warm. To me, that is pretty. Something else that is pretty is self-care. No, it’s not a selfish thing to care about yourself. In fact, it’s vital that you do. You are more useful to others when you care about yourself. Self-love can’t help...
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