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thinglink.com – Annotate images and videos — ThingLink

thinglink.com – Annotate images and videos — ThingLink
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Title:Annotate images and videos — ThingLink

Annotate images and videos

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Текст из страницы:Education, 360°/VR, VIP Services, Blog, Pricing, Log In, Education, 360°/VR, VIP Services, Blog, Pricing, Log In, Annotate images and videos. ThingLink makes your content stand out and get remembered. Get started. Scroll down to learn more Three unique editors. Make images, videos, or 360°/VR content interactive with our three intuitive editors. Video, Images, 360°/VR, Layer content with over 70 call to action tags. What truly sets ThingLink apart is the diverse range of rich media you can easily layer on top of your content. Web link, Text, Video, Image, Audio, Social media, E-commerce, Maps, View all 70 tags. Fully customizable. Matching the visual look and feel of your business is easy with Thinglink. We offer customization of branding, icons (hotspots), rich text controls, font families, color styling and much more. Ease-of-use. Our 3-step creation process is very intuitive for the average internet user: upload your asset add content share via embed code. Maximize time efficiency &...
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