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theblast.com – The Blast - Breaking Celebrity News

theblast.com – The Blast - Breaking Celebrity News
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Title:The Blast - Breaking Celebrity News

The Blast

Описание:Your new destination for the best breaking news in the world of celebrity and entertainment. We will be first, we will be accurate, and we will always bring you the real story.
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Текст из страницы:The Blast. Have A Tip? Click or (844) 412-5278. News, Stars, Law, Pics, Vids, Vegas, Community, Have a tip? Click or call (844) 412-5278. EXCLUSIVE. Kevin Federline Says He Makes Less Than 1% of Britney Spears’ Income & Is Too Old to Dance. 5/22/2018. EXCLUSIVE. Jason Statham Refused GLAAD PSA & Kid’s Charity Work Requests Before Issuing ‘Wild Card’ Apology. 5/22/2018. Exclusive Details. Play Video. Tomi Lahren’s Mom Squared Off With Hip-Hop Brunch Patrons Who Threw Drink On the TV Host. 5/22/2018. Exclusive. Jada Pinkett Smith Wanted as ‘Inspirational’ Ambassador for Alopecia Foundation. 5/22/2018. Exclusive Details. Kendrick Lamar Brought ‘Clean’ Rapping Fan Onstage Before N-Word Hurling Girl. 5/22/2018. HOT PHOTOS. See Pics. Katie Holmes, Alec Baldwin and Sting Turn Out for the American Ballet Theatre Gala. 5/22/2018. See Pics. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Make Their Official Debut as Newlyweds. 5/22/2018. See Pics. Prince...
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