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Текст из страницы:Stephen Forte`s Blog NYC->HKG->SFO. 31 августа 2016 г. When to Hire A VP of Sales. My personal experience and more recently working with Fresco Capital’s startups has taught me that no matter how different each business and start-up process might be, nearly all new co-founders and CEOs eventually pose the same important, inevitable question: When do I hire a VP of Sales? My response is always the same: When you really need one. So, what does that mean? Co-Founder and CEO Talent and Time Management. Most co-founders and early CEO's prefer to focus their talent and energy on conceiving and building the new enterprise. The most successful CEOs come from backgrounds in finance and operations. Only 20% of Fortune 500 CEOs started out in Sales or Marketing. Yet many company leaders also necessarily take on the crucial task of generating those early sales. While a CEO may excel at creating connections and relationships, few are sales experts and are typically overwhelmed with the task’s time...
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