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Title:Inside and Outside

Inside and Outside

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Текст из страницы:Skip to main content. Inside and Outside. Inside is for personality, outside is for clothes. Search. Search This Blog. Home, More… Posts. Yachting. May 20, 2018. Do you like yachts? Yachts are fantastic.  In fact any ships and boats are beautiful. Not long before my Father bought his first ever water transport and I am super happy and proud of him. It's not big but it's the beginning! Also it feels very different when you are not a tourist and you can even try to ride it yourself (with a help from captain who also happens to be your dad!) Do you know what is also cool about this dream? Access to yacht events and yachts club! This is my report and photos from season opening in Royal Yacht Club Moscow. We had lots of fun letting ballons go in the air, listened to lecture and knew tons of stuff about yachts (perfect for people like me who doesn't know anything about the subject), ate cotton candy and drunk coffee and on top of all we sailed on a yacht! To make the...
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