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jigsaw.w3.org – Jigsaw Overview

jigsaw.w3.org – Jigsaw Overview
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Title:Jigsaw Overview

Jigsaw Demo Site

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Текст из страницы:Jigsaw Demo Site. What is Jigsaw? The Jigsaw software provides the Consortium's Java-based Web server. With a modular architecture and full HTTP/1.1 compliance, the Jigsaw server is a premier experimental platform for W3C and the Internet community. The server uses an object-oriented approach when it comes to the storage of files and the processing of incoming requests, making it both more efficient and easily extensible. Goals of this site. Demonstrate some of Jigsaw capabilities, Demonstrate some HTTP/1.1 features, Testing Jigsaw server in real life (See some statistics on this server usage). Early access to experimental versions of Jigsaw. Distribution of Jigsaw releases. It also completes the main Jigsaw home page with latest infos. Jigsaw demos. CSS Validator. Running as a servlet. Features. A set of Jigsaw features demos. Image metadata. Automatic extraction of RDF comment, as described in note Describing and retrieving photos using RDF and HTTP, here is a picture and its automatically extracted metadata. Also, index pages can be generated automatically from the embeded metadata. HTTP/1.1. Some HTTP/1.1 tests. Jigsaw tools. Winie. HTTP/1.1 Put tool. RDFPic. A tool to embed RDF description in pictures. Jigsaw.w3.org news. 20010116 - Hardware upgrade, see the Status page. 20000911 - Updated jdk, 20000828 - Patched the kernel (and rebooted), Jigsaw Team
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