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Текст из страницы:Skip to content. Skip to content. Skip to content. Skip to content. Menu HOME, EVENTS, CHAPTERS, IMPRINT, Skip to content. IKEBANA INTERNATIONAL EUROPE. Welcome to the website of IKEBANA INTERNATIONAL EUROPE. You will find news, events and contact data of European Ikebana International Chapters. IKEBANA INTERNATIONAL TOKYO (www.ikebanahq.org ) is a worldwide non-profit organization with around 200 groups, so-called Chapters, which are divided into seven regions: Asia, Africa, Australia & New Zealand, Europe, Middle East, North and Central America as well as South America. IKEBANA INTERNATIONAL is dedicated to developing and extending Ikebana, the art of Japanese flower arranging, as well as other aspects of Japanese cultural arts. It was founded 1956 by Ellen Gordon Allen in Tokyo under the motto „Friendship through Flowers“.  Up to the present day, the dream of Ellen Gordon Allen to unite all the nations of the world „as with a garland of flowers“ has already been realised in over 60 countries. Every five years, IKEBANA INTERNATIONAL holds a World Convention in Japan. Regional Conferences are also organised at regular intervals by the various regional groups and are supported financially by Headquarters. The next European Regional Conference will be held in August 2018 by Hana Chapter of Belgium #248 in Bruges. HOME, EVENTS, CHAPTERS, IMPRINT, Powerd by: OMARINO.de.
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