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geni.us – Genius Link: Smarter Links for Commerce

geni.us – Genius Link: Smarter Links for Commerce
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Title:Genius Link: Smarter Links for Commerce

Earn more with links that work across any country, store, device and OS

Описание:Genius Link services offers the world's most intelligent link shortener for marketing products across a fragmented audience. Create links that dynamically route users to different destinations based off their devices, operating systems, countries, and even date of click.
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Текст из страницы:Join Log In Support. Looking for GeoRiot? You're in the right spot. Click here to learn more. Toggle navigation. HOME (current), FEATURES (current), HOW IT WORKS, PRICING, BLOG, JOIN, LOG IN, SUPPORT, Earn more with links that work across any country, store, device and OS. Automatically globalize links to the world's largest storefronts, like iTunes and Amazon. Seamlessly promote products across multiple online stores. Easily route users to the products specific to the devices they use. Quickly send Windows, OSX, iOS and Android users to operating system specific destinations. Used by. Easy as. 1 2 3 Paste in a product link. geni.us/link. Your links are automatically optimized for iTunes and Amazon. Make your link even smarter with advanced targets, pixels and more. geni.us/link. Watch your geni.us link guide shoppers to the right products for their location, device and OS. geni.us/link. Germany. Canada. U.K. Japan. Australia. U.K. France. India. "Genius Link services helped us increase our...
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