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dopacms.com – DopaCMS (Domain Parking CMS)

dopacms.com – DopaCMS (Domain Parking CMS)
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Title:DopaCMS (Domain Parking CMS)


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Текст из страницы:DopaCMS. DopaCMS is a lightweight but powerful individual Domain parking (Dopa) Content Management System (CMS). Now DopaCMS handles over 100, 000 requests per day to about 1, 000 temporarily free or displaced domains. See examples: k0.ru, foreks.ru, turtop.ru, economic.ru, gamble.ru, bluehost.ru, real-estate.su etc. DopaCMS is written July 13, 2015 in C/С++ and intensively developed now. Current features of DopaCMS: Content: Show dynamic content. Examples: voice.ru, grant.ru, brent.ru, etc. from any location. Example: anything.anything2.04j.ru/something/something-2/s-t.3/anyname?what. Show dynamic content with the new location of old content. Examples: ssi.su, prayers.ru/english/cct/, etc. Show static content. Examples: dopacms.com/index.html vs. dopacms.com/index22.html. Redirect to the new location of the page. Examples: html.su, xml.su/dtd.html. Dynamic generation: Options of request (user IP/port/agent, referer, http parameters etc.). Links to archives and stats of domains. List of last processed domains. List of last referers (with stoplist). Statistics of all pages hits. Inclusion of ads to dynamic pages with stoplist for unwanted domains (now show referrals links see bottom or any page ). We recommend: Domains and Hosting (домены и хостинг): REG.RU, Timeweb. Bitcoin Cloud Mining (облачный майнинг ): Hashflare (9DF4C60D). Buy and Sell Bitcoins (купить и продать биткоины ): LocalBitcoins. Let me know if you want to place the link to your affiliate program. Permalink to DopaCMS. Archive of DopaCMS: archive.org, cacheup. How popular is DopaCMS: alexa.com, similarweb.com. Public Domain 2015-2018 Alexander Krassotkin.
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