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delightfuldots.blogspot.com – Delightful Dots
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Title:Delightful Dots

Delightful Dots

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Текст из страницы:Delightful Dots. Good-bye! It's time to say goodbye! As you have probably figured, my templates are no longer working. I apologize for any issues this has caused to your blog. I am sure you have noticed I haven't posted a new template for quite some time. Alas, my little family, work, and other things have required my time. I have enjoyed this creative space as a hobby. I am grateful to all those how enjoyed it as well. If you look to the right column you will see I have listed several other free blog template sites. There are some good ones. If you would like to leave a comment for others I don't have listed, please do so. I am sure others would appreciate it! As always. HAPPY BLOGGING! *** How to remove my template (or the photobucket image) ***. My templates have been added to your blog through a gadget. You need to go into your dashboard and select "Design". Look through your gadgets to find the one where you have my html code. "delightfuldots" will be in the wording towards the bottom...
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