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darzin.com – Issue Management, Stakeholder Relationship, Engagement - Darzin

darzin.com – Issue Management, Stakeholder Relationship, Engagement - Darzin
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Title:Issue Management, Stakeholder Relationship, Engagement - Darzin

Easily Manage Your Stakeholders

Описание:Darzin is the most powerful tool for issue management, stakeholder relationship management. It is helpful for stakeholder engagement and very easy to use.
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Текст из страницы:Client Login Darzin V5, Darzin UK Server, Features Understand your stakeholders, Analysis and Reporting, Integrated data, Easier/faster data capture, Team Work, Security, Services Training, Implementation, Case Studies, About, Blog, Resources What is Public Consultation? Pricing, Contact, Easily Manage Your Stakeholders. Darzin is the most powerful stakeholder engagement tool in the world. It's also super-easy to use. With just a few clicks, you can understand, manage and engage all your stakeholders. Their relationships, interactions, feedback, sentiment and much more… So you don't need a huge team to keep your project on track. START YOUR FREE TRIAL. Stakeholder Engagement. Understand your stakeholders. Easier planning. More effective consultation manager. See who knows who, what they’ve been saying, how they feel about certain issues, and what conversations your team has had with them (and their entire organisation). And create your own fields to capture and visualise more info – like...
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