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Title:Burlap Luxe
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Текст из страницы:November 24, 2017. Main-et-Loire, Bleu du Maine Sheep.French Home. Writer and Artiste of Burlap Luxe. Created in wire forms and cartapesta. Fashioned after, and wanting them to feel as if. they had been artiste created in the. 19th century. Hand sculpted BurlapLuxe One-of-A-Kind. Blue-du-Maine Sheep, a domestic breed originated. in Western France. I have painted the faces rustically, in decay to take on. an old world look and feel to this flock of. French bleu faced sheep. I design and create around my French cottage; inspired from within. A rustic style does not have to lack in. value or beauty. After the body and legs of primitive style are created, I mummy wrap them in cloth to emulate their hide. Then sheared in livestock virgin sheeps. wool. This flock of 5 would look great corralled in a. holiday display, or placed in a rural farmhouse. collection. Listed Now! In my. Burlap Luxe etsy shop. Designer/Artiste. Dore Callaway. Click link here! BURLAPLUXE shop. Here at Burlap Luxe, my French...
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