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Title:Burlap Luxe
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Текст из страницы:June 28, 2017. White Welcomes Summer Clippings. A washed white of summer is what my home contributes these days. Unexpected clippings with the leaves capturing the day. ~Dore. "Cottage Life". Posted by Burlap Luxe at 4:49 AM. 14 comments Labels: Brocante, Flea market style, Rustic Cottage. June 18, 2017. Shades Of The Sea.Sea Dream Catchers. Burlap Luxe French Wire~Art. Created. by. Dore Callaway. Burlap Luxe. Shades of the SEA.Sea dream catchers. Entangled, caught and trapped from the sea. My imaginative dream catchers are created with hands that gather from. the sea. Intertwined wire with crusted sea foam capturing quiet dreams from. the deep sea. A Storied Sea. Dreams that gather deep from the sea, oyster shells, sea pearls, fisherman's netting all entangled in wire from the open sea. Pieces of sea serenity can always be added to a. sea dream catcher. " Tied to the sea". Sweet sea dreams dot the shores. Sea Dream Catchers. can be found listed in my etsy shop here at, click on link HERE....
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