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Описание:BPL expert in ergohandling. De best mogelijke hulpmiddelen voor handmatig handlen. Voor iedere denkbare werkplek. Maatwerk in ergohandling. Winst in ergonomie en werkrendement.
Ключевые слова:handling, handlingger�te, handhabung, handhabungstechnik, handhabungssysteme, balancer, balancers, balancer, tilhulp, hebehilfe, tilhulpen, hefwerktuigen, hebeger�t, ergonomie, ergonomie, tillen, heben, manipulator, manipulator, manipulators, manipulatoren,...
Текст из страницы:YOUR PARTNER FOR HANDLING. Home, Solutions. 0: 3: 0. Automated product handling Automated product handling Production automation or automated product handling is an important factor for many companies to optimize quality, staying competitive, to improve working conditions. In Roosen BPL you find a specialist in the field of automated product handling, from engineering to implementation, customer-specific and focussed on solutions. Since 1986, Roosen BPL designs and builds customized handling solutions. The systems can be realized turnkey or partial delivery. Some solutions for industrial projects you find here. 2: 0: 0. Compact Manipulator Compact Manipulator The fully pneumatic BPL Compact Manipulator is a rigid manipulator with a low building height and linear lifting motion. A modular handling system, tailored to your needs and ideal for workareas with limited space and the handling of axes, reels and other products. This balancer is not counterbalanced and therefore by definition easily...
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