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New State Use Tax Reporting Requirements

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Текст из страницы:Home, Accounting, Asset Protection, Set Up Business, Taxation And Advisory, Corporate Advisory, Subscribe Here, Olbie Financials. New State Use Tax Reporting Requirements. by Selina Stewart Январь. 18. More Use Tax Compliance Requirements, More Headaches on the Horizon. In Quill Corp v. North Dakota, the Supreme Court established that for states to have the authority to require an out-of-state business to collect sales tax, that business must have a physical presence within the state. Several states, including Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Wyoming, are directly challenging this standard and have passed laws that require out-of-state vendors to collect sales tax without physical presence. These states argue that if a remote vendor makes over 100 (MA) or 200 (IN, ME, ND, OH, SD, WY) separate transactions to customers in the state or sell over $100, 000 (IN, ME, ND, OH, SD, WY) or $500, 000 (MA, TN) annually into the state then nexus is...
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