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backgroundfairy.com – Best RC BackgroundFairy

backgroundfairy.com – Best RC BackgroundFairy
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Title:Best RC BackgroundFairy
Описание:Get the latest backgrounds for your website. We blog and write what we thing is the coolest of them all!
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Текст из страницы:Skip to navigation Skip to content. Disclaimer, Privacy, About Background Fairy, Main Navigation. Get to Know Us Better. If you’re looking for amazing backgrounds, you’ve come to the right place! This site is dedicated to all things background and image related. If you need a new website background, blog header background, or parallax background, take a look at our collection. All of the backgrounds on this site are free to use and share, and for you to download for commercial or personal use. You can even edit them to make them better suit your site, if you wish. All we ask is that you credit us (a link back would be very much appreciated!). In addition to sharing backgrounds, we also offer advice on how to optimize the backgrounds so that they look great at any screen size, and so that the file size is as small as possible. There’s no point having a stunning, huge HDR photo as a background if it is going to make your page take 30 seconds to load on a mobile connection....
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